A Proper Workbench

Building a new Bench

Since moving to Port Townsend, I have felt the need for a new workbench. The intent was to build the best bench I could, for doing modern work. I did not want to reproduce an 18th century bench: I wanted it to be a bit more versatile. Since the bench is intended for furniture making and sculptural work, it is more adaptable. It will allow a large panel to be held and worked flat and allow for the same panel to be worked on edge on a sliding, height adjustable slave, while registered to the edge of the benchtop by the slave. With the slave out of the way, the front vise is proud of the bench edge, allowing work to be held out in space for shaping.

It is an improvement on previous benches which I have made and is based on a design by one of my teachers at North Bennet, Brian Kelly. 

I am calling it the USS Hornet, after an aircraft carrier (now a museum) which a high school friend of mine volunteered aboard in Alameda, California.

No slave or proper dogs, yet.

I have tailvise mechanisms for this bench available for purchase.

Please contact me for details.

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