My Education:

Upon completion of my Bachelor’s degree, I began to design and construct canvas products and started a small business. I was quite interested in various forms of making and took classes in woodworking at San Francisco State. From the professor there, John Kassay, I heard about the Cabinet and Furniture Making program at the North Bennet Street School in Boston. I applied, was accepted and graduated in 1988. The first shop-space I rented was at Cambridgeport, Massachusetts, in a co-op of Art Furniture Makers. I became interested in art furniture and did a mix of traditional work and art furniture on both coasts. In 1994, was accepted into the Furniture Design program at RISD, from which I graduated with an MFA in 1996. I see myself as having both sides of the making/ design continuum. As a teacher and writer, I want to give students a sense of the range and importance of both design and making together with the joy of performing both well.

John P. McCormack


Professional Affiliations:

Master Member, The Baulines Craft Guild, San Rafael, California.

Member California Industrial and Technology Education Association.

Member, Epsilon Pi Tau, the International Honor Society for Technology. 


BA: Biology 1981, San

Francisco State University.

Graduate of the Cabinet and Furniture Making Program, The North Bennet Street School, 1988.

MFA: Furniture Design, Rhode Island School of Design, 1996.


Designated Subjects Vocational Teaching Credential: Full-Time Subject: Furniture Making, Finishing and Refinishing; Millwork and Cabinet Making, California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. Clear Credential.


Co-recipient, 2010 Professional Practice Award, William Everett Warner Awards Program, Epsilon Pi Tau, Region Five.

Selected Publications:


 “The Spaulding Wooden Boat

    Center’s Youth Boatbuilding and

    Sailing Program”, The Ash

    Breeze, Mystic, Connecticut, The

    Traditional Small Craft Association,

    Vol. 31, #4, Winter 2010.


    “Art, Craft and Hand-Mind

    Co-ordination: On Teaching

    Woodworking, Design and Making in

    High School", Our Schools/ Our

    Selves, Ottawa, The Canadian

    Centre for Policy Alternatives,

    Winter 2010, pp. 85-97.

    Go to link:

Teaching Design and Making in High School

Work Featured in: “Stellar Training in

    Craftsmanship, Period: Boston’s North

     Bennet Street School Turns 125”,

    Fine Woodworking, July August, 2010.


Online Gallery

NBSS 125th Video, FWW

2008 “The Ultimate Crosscut Sled:

   Achieve the accuracy of a sliding

    table saw at a fraction of the price”

    Fine Woodworking Magazine,  No.

    199,  July/ August issue, pp. 64-69.

    Ultimate Crosscut Sled

2002 Three Sidebars: " Camping at

Burnett Bay", "Sea Kayaking Peril off Neck Ness" and  "A Celebration at the Koeye River" in

Exploring the North Coast of British Columbia,

by Don Douglass and Réanne Hemingway-Douglass.

2001 "A Gift to Last: Why John

McCormack and 300 Other Friends of the River Traveled by Sea to the Mouth of the Koeye".

Kanawa Magazine


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Winter Issue. 

"Negotiating Tidal Rapids" 

Kanawa Magazine,

Summer Issue.

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