Private Lessons

Possible subjects can include:

        An introduction to the tuning, use and sharpening of hand tools.

        Design and Drafting

        Wood Technology

        Stock selection and layout.

        Stock preparation, hand and machine.

        Joinery, basic theory, layout and execution.

        Sample joint cutting.

        Simple projects: Boxes by machine and hand: rabbets and dovetails

        A simple stool, an introduction to windsor forms

        An introduction to woodturning/ turning for furniture.

        Windsor Furniture

        Table construction

        Introduction to traditional casework.

        Machine function, anatomy, adjustment, tuning/ repair.

        Specific topics which interest you.

I can also help you choose machinery and tools and assist you in planning and setting up your shop.

Please email me with your inquiries:

Turning for Furniture

Turning for furniture making is a varied subject. Students working with me will see and do as many turning techniques as we can. Possible subjects include exploration of decorative forms, an introduction to windsor furniture, (introduced by making a stool), Turning and installing repair parts, and planning the process of integrating turned parts of your structure into Furniture: joinery strategies and sequences.

Design and Drafting

Students will work on a series of designs of increasing complexity from sketches to detailed joined scaled projects. Techniques will include the use of sketches and models to work out the basic design of a piece and using drafting to solve joinery, construction and design problems. We will cover the appropriateness of the use of Scale (full and partial) in drafting a piece of furniture.

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