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Images above, clockwise from top left:    Workbench overall showing full width tail vise with front vise unmounted. Saw Horses, Saw Horses as clamp rack, Sled and Sled Horse on a table saw.

Sawhorse Class:

July 28 - August 1

In this class, students will build 3 saw horses: 1 Adjustable Height Sled Sawhorse that will support work coming off of a machine in your shop or will pair with the previous week's sled. The second pair of horses, the "Hurdles", are basic shop fixtures. With a set of 8 bar clamps inserted into the kerfed sawhorse bars, you can easily do panel glueups that are flat, accurate and easy on your back. They also can support a shop worktable if you use them to support a sheet of plywood or a torsion box. We will discuss panel glueup theory and practice in this course.

Sled Horse: Adjustable height sled horse supports sled level to saw.

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