2010 Baulines Guild Junior Apprenticeship

This summer, Anand and I worked together for 100 hours, designing and building a cable tensioned and suspended lamp. He researched projects and showed me a lamp which he liked. We visited several design showrooms looking at drafting-type lamps and then designed the one which you see below. We did an industrial design process involving research, design, engineering, part and materials sourcing, developing an order of work, fabrication of wood and metal parts, subcontracting, metal and wood finishing. Anand and I did numerous sketches and a full-scale working drawing. We worked for two weeks in June doing the design and initial fabrication. We met again in August to complete the project.

I am a Master Member of the Baulines Craft Guild, which offers interested applicants an apprenticeship with its members both for adults seeking professional training and for internship type instruction with high school age youth. The Junior Apprenticeship described here is such an internship with Anand, who will start his senior year of high school in September.

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